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Thousands of authentic Aboriginal artworks and souvenirs.

Welcome to the Tjapukai Art Gallery

Djirri Nyurramba which means (G’Day!) in the Tjapukai language

Visit the award winning Tjapukai Retail & Art Gallery to find Authentic Australian Aboriginal Art, Boomerangs, Didgeridoos, and Artefacts, as well as a huge range of Books, Aboriginal CD’s, Jewellery, Clothing, Souvenirs, Gifts and much much more. We have something to suit everyone’s budget.

Anything that looks like Australian Aboriginal Art in this Gallery is Authentic Aboriginal art, and the artists benefit from you purchasing these products. We have a strict system of ensuring that all the products we sell that feature aboriginal art is in fact just that and this includes the reproduced items as well.  Suppliers must provide two documents stating that they are supplying us with Authentic Aboriginal Art and adhere to our strict Authenticity Policy.  These include statutory declarations from both the supplier and the artist individually so that if we need to, we can contact the artist direct without company interference.  We also source a lot of art and artefacts locally here in Cairns and surrounding districts, so we deal with the Aboriginal artist and craftspeople direct. Some of our Aboriginal staff that work here through the Tjapukai Cultural Park do make and supply us with some of the artefacts and jewellery that we sell here in the Retail Art Gallery in their spare time.  One day you may choose to visit our Tjapukai Retail Art Gallery or Park here in Cairns Australia and the chances of meeting one or more of these artists and craftspeople direct is very likely.   

The other way in which the Aboriginal community benefits is from the profits of this Retail Art Gallery, as the land the Park is situated on is also owned by the local Aboriginal people. The Retail Art Gallery provides employment and training opportunities for indigenous people, and most of our sales staff that work here in the Gallery are Australian Aboriginals. So here you can get information on Aboriginal arts and crafts, history and culture from the Aboriginal people themselves. 

All the didgeridoos sold here are decorated by local Aboriginal people. More than 99% of the original paintings sold here are by local Aboriginal artists, so you won’t see the same styles and designs in other parts of Australia. We also sell many locally made souvenirs and artefacts. All our returning boomerangs are made in Australia, by Aboriginal people—you won’t find many souvenir shops that can match that!

We have been selling art, didgeridoos and artefacts to customers in the most far flung corners of the world for over three decades. We are experienced in all aspects of international sales and confident in our ability to service international customers.

Nganydjin-da Garran Ngundalna! (Come and visit us!)

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