Canopy Breezeway

Canopy Breezeway

See an exhibition of authentic Indigenous art.

Reflecting the beautiful World Heritage rainforest of Tropical North Queensland, the Canopy Breezeway is an airy and light-filled Aboriginal Art Centre and event space, hosting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art exhibitions and showcasing significant Indigenous artifacts.

The 2 metre single-grass dilly bag was created by Djabugay elder Rhonda Brimm and professional weaver Rene Bahloo. Dilly bags were used by the women to carry food and other objects and this giant one is an educational piece for the bush food guided tours.

A series of shields hang on the wall depicting the designs common to the Djabugay people. These were painted by Tjapukai performers including Richard Bing and Phillip Oui, an acclaimed artist. Another of his shield designs is showcased on the bus stop outside Tjapukai.

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Canopy Breezeway

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Canopy Breezeway