Day Show Be a part of Dreamtime stories as they unfold, throw a boomerang, understand bush medicines and foods, hear a didgeridoo and learn the language of the Traditional Owners.

Night Show Let us entertain you and share the living culture of Indigenous Australians with insights into their traditions, culture, the land and environment.

Online Shop Remember your insight into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture with an authentic souvenir such as a story stone made by a local Indigenous artist or a traditional handcrafted didgeridoo.

Restaurants & Events Overlooking Tjapukai’s lake and native gardens, the Flame Tree Bar & Grill serves barista coffee and an all-day café menu including Tjapukai’s famous tasting plate featuring native bush food.

The Original authentic Australian Indigenous Cultural Experience

Discover where Australia begins at Tjapukai. Explore the rich history of the world’s oldest living culture, dating back over 40,000 years. 

Whether you visit the park by day or night, you’ll enjoy a unique cultural experience with performance, dance, food and arts. Tjapukai is all-weather, wheelchair and pram friendly, offering unique experiences in one location. 

However you choose to enjoy it, a visit to Tjapukai is the perfect way to gain a deeper understanding of Australia’s diverse Aboriginal heritage.

Tjapukai is a popular Cairns tourist attraction, a must-visit when holidaying in Cairns. It is one of the most authentic Aboriginal tours available in Australia.





Cultural CentreDiscover the world’s oldest living culture at Tjapukai’s Cultural Centre where you will be transported back 40,000 years with the mesmerising Dreamtime Creation Story of the Djabugay people in the Bulurru Story Waters Theatre. An inspiring photographic exhibition and historic films reveal the diverse history of Australia’s Aboriginal people. Discover

History & Heroes Journey

Bundarra Dingal (Cassowary Egg) Theatre

Cultural Creations

Bayngga (Traditional Oven)

Restaurant & Events

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Canopy Breezeway

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Bulurru Storywaters Theatre


Cultural Village Enjoy hands-on cultural experiences in the Cultural Village. Under the guidance of Aboriginal people at Tjapukai’s Cultural Village you can see and touch traditional weapons and utensils. Try Aboriginal hunting methods with a spear and boomerang, discover the ancient medicinal and food uses of bush plants and learn about the didgeridoo. Discover

Dance Theatre

Spear & Boomerang Throwing

Meet The Performers

Didgeridoo Show

Hunting & Weapons

Guided Bush Foods Walk

Bush Foods & Medicine


Night Fire Nightfire is Tjapukai’s evening experience meeting the Bama, the Indigenous rainforest people, who paint your face to link you to their traditional land and take you on a mesmerising journey with the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo. Follow the Tjapukai warriors to a corroboree celebrating Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and join the Rainbow Serpent circle to learn traditional language songs before the ceremonial fire is lit with a spectacular fire ball shooting towards the stars. Discover

night fire - dance show

canapes in the breezeway

tropical buffet

fire ceremony

camp fire


Fire ball

Camp fire

Lakeside Fire Ceremony

Boomerang throwing

Spear throwing

Bush foods & medicine

Dance theatre

Hunting & weapons

Digeridoo show

Cultural creations

Bayngga (Traditional oven)

Guided bush food trail

Restaurant & events

Bundarra dingal (Cassowary egg) Theatre

History & Heroes journey

Canopy breezway


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Bulurru storywaters Theatre


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